WEbinar - Capacitors

Learn about aluminum polymer capacitors vs traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitors. What makes your design ...more

Smallest metal alloy power inductor

The WE-MAPI is the world‘s smallest metal alloy power inductor. It‘s efficiency is unmatched. ...more

Technology Partnership

We speed up the future with our Technology Partnership with ABT Sportsline in the world´s first all-electric racing series. ...more

A new gift - Let's grow together!

Get the new WE Green Kit for free with every sample order of Connectors and take part in our #Letsgrowtogether games ...more

The latest information

  • Make a flying start with USB 3.1

    Starting today, Würth Elektronik eiSos now offers a broad range of connectors, jacks, and cables for the new USB-3.1 standard. ... more

  • World's most precise AC loss calculation in Discontinuous Conduction Mode

    Würth Elektronik eiSos upgrades the RED EXPERT online design tool. ... more