New Products

The new Common Mode Chokes WE-CMB HV excel with their high rated voltages, which is three times higher than standard mains line chokes.

The 3-Phase Common Mode Power Line Choke WE-TPB HV ensures a rated voltage of 760 VAC, which is 70 % higher than comparable products on the market.

In contrast to normal ceramics, the new WE-KI HC series features a quality factor, which is up to 40 % higher and a self-resonant frequency up to 16 GHz.

The powder core of the compact semi-shielded SMD Power Inductor WE-LQSH can be loaded with 70 % more saturation current than other semi-shielded Ppower Inductors.

The SMD Shielded Power Inductor WE-LQFS is a perfect solution for compact applications and in three sizes available.

The AEC-Q qualified SMD Shielded Power Inductor WE-PD2SA is available in size 7850.

Our visible LEDs do now have six new product series in the sectors Chip LED, Chip LED Side View and Chip LED Reverse Mount.

The WL-SUMW series is an ultraviolet ceramic SMD LED in 3535 package for high power applications.

The SMD Infrared Ceramic waterclear WL-SIMW and THT round waterclear WL-TIRW of infrared LEDs are available in diverse packages.

The new IDC-Connector WR-WST enables a reliable solderless PCB connection with the patented SKEDD direct plug-in technology.

The new standard ZIF connectors WR-FPC with low profile shape help to save space on the PCB.

Expansion of the Terminal Block portfolio WR-TBL with wire protector system.

New Terminal Blocks WR-TBL with rising cage clamp system.

New Terminal Blocks WR-TBL with Spring Clamp system available.

New screwless design possiblilities with plastic latches as mating part locking system. WR-TBL

Expansion of the SMD spacer portfolio.

The new REDCUBE Terminals are the most reliable solution for high current applications on PCB level.

Metallized Polypropylene DC film capacitors (MKP) WCAP-FTBP with an excellent voltage behavior over temperature.

Metallized Polyester DC Film capacitors (MKT) WCAP-FTBE provides higher volumetric capacity with a capacitance tolerance of 10 %.

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors WCAP-CSMH for mid and high voltages starting from 200 to 3000 VDC.

Aluminum-Electrolytic Snap-In Capacitors: New voltage levels and capacitance ranges of 63, 200, 400 VDC.

Aluminum Polymer Capacitors with up to 100 VDC and capacitance range of 10 µF to 2000 µF.

100 VDC Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors WCAP-CSGP for General Purpose in size 0603 to 1206.

Synchronous step down regulator module with fixed output voltage MagI³C-FDSM and an input voltage range of 42 V.

Isolated SIP module MagI³C-FISM with fixed output voltage for applications in the field of interface isolation and communication.