New Products

The special design of the new Board-to-Board Connectors WR-BTB leads to an outstanding contact reliability and high mechanical stability.

REDFIT IDC is a solderless reversible direct plug-in connector with SKEDD technology.

New Terminal Blocks WR-TBL with 5.00 mm Pitch and Removal Key.

Extended portfolio of USB 2.0 Connectors WR-COM with THR soldering options.

New 9.00 x 3.5 mm THT Same Side Connection Slide Switch WS-SLTV available.

5.7 x 4.0 mm Side Push SMD Detector Switch WS-DESU available as NC and NO type.

New Modular Jack Connectors WR-MJ 8P8C available with or without LED.

19.2 x 12.9 mm panel Cut-out with 0.187” quick connect terminal Rocker Switch WS-RSTV

New Dips Switches WS-DISV / WS-DITU available for easy assembly.

New 6x6 mm Tact Switch WS-TASV with hermetic sealing.

The compact THT common mode choke WE-LPCC is suitable for 250 VAC applications.
She is characterized by over 30 dB attenuation in common mode and up to 4 % leakage inductance.

Product extension of shielding cabinet WE-SHC inter alia with new low-cost “One Piece” version which combines the frame and the cover. The thinner sheet metal enables a weight reduction up to 50 % with the same shielding effect.

Product extension in the SMD Power Inductor serie WE-PD2. The smallest SMD power inductor of the serie is, in spite of compact design, characterized by ISAT up to 3.7 A at an inductance value of 1 μH.

Product extension of the SMD High Current Inductor WE-HCF with size 2815. The SMD flat wire power inductor is characterized by high current capability and high efficiency.

The new WE-DPC is a magnetically shielded SMD coupled inductor with two identical windings (1:1 Turn Ratio). Suitable for compact power converter and Ideal for SEPIC, Flyback, Ćuk, Zeta & Multi-Output Buck converter.

The new WE-DPC HV is the smallest magnetically shielded SMD coupled inductor in the product range. With identical windings (1:1 Turn Ratio) and a high isolation voltage of 1.5 kV it’s suitable for functional safety for nominal voltage of 250 VRMS .

The new transmitter coil with ferrite shielding 760308102144 works with Qi compliant chipset solutions up to 15 W. Due to high permeability of the shielding high quality values can be reached.

The new transmitter coil with ferrite shielding 760308102308 is a coil for resonant solutions where several receivers can be used at the same time. The solid ferrite plate guarantees mechanical stability.

WE-FLEX HV is the first flex transformer with insulation voltage of 1.5 kVAC in the product portfolio. The flexibly usable SMD transformer is suitable for all types of isolated DC/DC converters, especially industrial and telecom.

The new article of WE-LAN AQ describes a shielded LAN transformer with WE-CNSW-type cores. The WE-LAN AQ is characterized by a 100 % automated production and an improved soldering property through half-vias with gold plating.

The new high current air coil with flat wire for high-frequency applications WE-ACHC is now available in two sizes. With an IR up to 40 A and an up to 50 % higher Q-Factor than other products it’s a great growth in our Signal & Communication range.

Our visible LEDs do now have six new product series in the sectors Chip LED, Chip LED Side View and Chip LED Reverse Mount.

The WL-SUMW series is an ultraviolet ceramic SMD LED in 3535 package for high power applications.

The SMD Infrared Ceramic waterclear WL-SIMW and THT round waterclear WL-TIRW of infrared LEDs are available in diverse packages.

Metallized Polypropylene DC film capacitors (MKP) WCAP-FTBP with an excellent voltage behavior over temperature.

Metallized Polyester DC Film capacitors (MKT) WCAP-FTBE provides higher volumetric capacity with a capacitance tolerance of 10 %.

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors WCAP-CSMH for mid and high voltages starting from 200 to 3000 VDC.

Aluminum-Electrolytic Snap-In Capacitors: New voltage levels and capacitance ranges of 63, 200, 400 VDC.

Aluminum Polymer Capacitors with up to 100 VDC and capacitance range of 10 µF to 2000 µF.

100 VDC Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors WCAP-CSGP for General Purpose in size 0603 to 1206.

Synchronous step down regulator module with fixed output voltage MagI³C-FDSM and an input voltage range of 42 V.

Isolated SIP module MagI³C-FISM with fixed output voltage for applications in the field of interface isolation and communication.

Four new snap ferrites expand the STAR-TEC series. The new cable fixing with innovative clamping ribs enables the double clamping range in comparison to the standard market mechanisms.